Remington VersaMax Testing in Argentina

16 Jul

Sheriff Jim Wilson posted an interesting note on Twitter (@sheriffjim) this evening about the new Remington VersaMax autoloader he is testing in Argentina:

“The shotgun that we are testing in Argentina is a new Remington autoloader, called the VersaMax. More info will be released shortly!!!”

There has been some specualtion about the design and specs of this shotgun on the web after being reported on last week by The Firearm Blog.

Tell us more Sheriff, my curiosity is building!

Edit: sheriff Jim Wilson posted another update on July 18 on his testing of the new Remington VersaMax in Argentina:

“FROM ARGENTINA: In four days, I have fired 2,000 shotshells thru the new Remington VersaMax. Quite a shotgun!!!!”


Edit: Another ‘Tweet’ from Sheriff Jim on July 18:

“The specs on the Remington VersaMax will be released by Remington about the middle of August. As soon as I get the OK, I’ll pass it on.”

Edit: another tease about the Remington VersaMax shotgun tweeted today, July 21, by Sheriff Jim:

“BACK IN TEXAS: Yep, I’m back in the US of A. I think you’re really going to like the new Remington shotgun!!!”


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