Will the new S&W SD pistols replace the Sigma?

17 Jul

With S&W rolling out their new SD series pistols in 9mm and .40, you have to wonder if there is room in their line-up for three polymer pistol lines? From the beginning S&W has consistently said that the SD is not replacing the Sigma – so we’ll see!

The SD is to be priced between the Sigma and M&P which would make the street price somewhere in the $400 range (I’ve seen recent reports of the SD being sold for $369 at several dealers). That’s clearly an attractive price and it would undercut nearly all other polymer pistols on the market excep for their own Sigma and the Taurus Millenium models.

In appearance, the SD looks very much like an updated Sigma with some M&P styling. The SD comes with a new trigger design that S&W is calling the Self Defense Trigger or SDT. One of the main complaints of the Sigma (and to a lesser degree the M&P) is it’s trigger, so perhaps the new design will offer better feel.


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