Les Baer Tactical Bolt Action Rifles

28 Jul

There are a couple of good write-ups out there on the new Les Baer Tactical Bolt Actions, all reporting amazing accuracy with the rifle. Apparently they live up to the guarantee of 10 shot 1/2″ groups at 100 yards with match grade ammo!

Models available include the LBC Tactical Recon:

And LBC Tactical Varmint:

Stanton Wormley, Jr. (American Rifleman) reported his best average group with a .308 Tactical Recon was 0.38″ using 168 grain Hornady TAP FPD: American Rifleman “Accuracy Matters with Les Baer’s Tactical Recon”

Greg Rodriguez (Shooting Times) reported a best average group with a .206 Rem Tactical Recon was 0.39 with 139 grain Cor-Bon Scenar: Shooting Times: Les Baer’s Bolt Action

There are also some good comments on the new rifles over at Accurate Shooter Blog: New Tactical Bolt Action Rifles from Les Baer.


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