Diamondback Firearms DB380

6 Aug

Ever since Ruger introduced the LCP at the 2008 SHOT Show I have been interested in getting a pocket-carry pistol in .380ACP. And every time I am nearly ready to lay some cash down for the LCP another pocket pistol that catches my interest.

This time my ‘discovery’ is the Diamondback Firearms DB380. Diamondback is a new manufacturer based in Cocoa, Florida. There is no mention of Kel-Tec on their web site, but I can’t help but think of the possibility of a relationship between the two (both are based in the same town, both making pocket pistols). The DB380 is currently the only offering from Diamondback.

To my eye the DB380 looks like a mini-Glock or what a S&W 380 Bodyguard would look like without a laser. I would consider both references to be compliments.

Jeff Quinn over at GunBlast did a nice review on the DB380 back in January 2010. He found it to be an accurate and reliable pistol in his testing and points out a number of features not found on other pocket pistols: excellent sights, good trigger and easy Glock-style takedown.

The specs on the DB380 and Ruger LCP are nearly identical in length, width, height, etc. When I compared them side by side at a gun shop I really didn’t notice any difference in their size. To me, the big difference between the LCP and the DB380 are the extra features on the Diamondback pistol that Jeff Quinn mentions in his review. It’s sights and trigger are much improved over the LCP.

Pricing on the DB380 is somewhat higher than on the LCP. Diamondback lists their MSRP at  $430 with prices on Gunbroker going around $350-$380. The LCP is nearly $100 less than these prices.

I still have not been able to decide between these two pocket pistols. I like many of the features of the DB380 but I am somewhat weary of buying a gun from a new manufacturer like Diamondback. Then there is the price…  the LCP is certainly a more attractive option for my wallet.


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