Buck Knives New EcoLite 110 & 112

10 Aug

Buck has announced new versions of their legendary 110 & 112 folding hunter’s. The series is called EcoLite and uses resin impregnated 100% recycled paper (called PaperStone) for handle material. I’ve been hoping Buck would introduce a modernized light-weight 110 with G-10 scales and a pocket clip. The EcoLite is most of what I was hoping for and definitely something I want to pick up. Below is a press release from Buck describing the models in more detail.


Buck Knives New EcoLite Series

EcoLite is Buck’s new approach to providing a cluster of advanced knife features, available now in both 110 and 112 models. The handles are made of eco-friendly PaperStone, made from 100% waste paper.

EcoLite knives are stronger, more rugged and withstand heat or cold. They take general in-use abuse and come back for more. Yet, with this strength and toughness, they are much lighter weight. Instead of 7.2 oz. for the classic 110, the EcoLite model weighs just 4.1 oz. — a lot less to carry on your hip.

“We understand the importance of integrating eco-friendly materials into our products, and we are enthusiastic about our major step forward with the use of PaperStoneTM for our handles,” said CJ Buck, president of the 108-year -old knifemaking firm. “It’s the greenest material you can find, and more important, it’s rugged, withstands heat or cold, and is very durable.”

First used on handles for Buck’s Metro, with positive results, it’s now the key to the beginning of the new line of EcoLite knives, starting with the 110 EcoLite. It has exactly the same great 3-3/4” hollow-ground clip blade as the famous 110, made of corrosion-resistant 420HC stainless steel, heat-treated to Rc58 to hold an edge longer. And it has the same reliable positive-action locking system that has stood the test of time for nearly half a century.

The first big change is in the weight: instead of the 7.2 oz. for the classic 110, the EcoLite counterpart weighs only 4.1 oz., without sacrificing any of the features and advantages you want and need, on the trail or on the job. The other big advantage is price: where the original 110 has an MSRP of $66, the EcoLite 110 is $45.

Also available is the EcoLite 112 Ranger, with its 3” clip blade, and weighing just 3.4 oz. compared with the regular 112 at 5.6 oz. Again, there is also a price advantage: $42 for the EcoLite versus $63. Both EcoLites come in a heavy-duty nylon sheath and are backed by Buck’s famous Forever Warranty. In keeping with Buck’s American Commitment, they are made in the USA. Buckknives.com.


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