Böker Plus Anti-MC: An Affordable Ceramic Bladed Knife

12 Aug

The worlds first affordable ceramic bladed folding knife, the Boker Plus Anti-MC, has hit the shelves this summer. I realize ‘affordable’ is a subjective thing but most previous ceramic knife offerings were/are priced at several hundred dollars. The Anti-MC’s street price is just $55. The Boker Plus line is manufactured in Asia and it Boker’s way of offering innovative designs and materials at reasonable prices.

Ceramic offers superior corrosion resistance and edge retention compared to steel blades. Of course the down side with ceramic is that it can break or chip if dropped or mis-used. Ceramic is also much harder to sharpen. Boker recommends you send your Anti-MC knife to Ross Cutlery in Los Angeles for re-sharpening. Cost is $20 plus $10 for each additional knife.

While modern ceramic blades have been around for a few decades, they have never really caught on. The affordable Anti-MC will give knife fans a chance to give ceramic a try without plunking down a lot of cash.

I think the Anti-MC would be an ideal knife for a casual user. Someone who needs something for light duties such as slicing and opening packages but doesn’t want to worry about re-sharpening the blade (very often).


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