Vortex Optics Long Range Ballistics Calculator (LRBC)

18 Aug

Vortex Optics has released a new, free online ballistics calculator they are calling the ‘Long Range Ballistics Calculator‘ or LRBC. The LRBC offers several features that set it apart from the other ballistic calculators available:

  • You can store your load data under your user account and access it from any computer.
  • Bullet data from most manufacturers are pre-entered into their database.
  • Nicely formatted bullet drop charts can be printed once you develop the load data.

Another nice feature of the LRBC is that your data can be used to develop custom laser cut turrets for specific loads.

Custom, laser-cut TMT turrets are built using data entered into the LRBC program. Vortex TMT turrets give hunters and shooters the ability to quickly and accurately dial elevation when presented with a long range shot. Range the target, turn the knob to the corresponding marked yardage and hold dead on – it’s that simple. Of course, there is the human element involved. That’s where practice, knowing your equipment and learning to judge variables like wind velocity come in.

I used the LRBC to run a few of my pet 308 loads. I had a bit of a learning curve until I was fully comfortable with the calculator, but Vortex provides a good video tutorial and written instructions to help users through the process.


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