FN Admits US SOCOM Not Buying SCAR MK16

20 Aug

As reported on the Firearm Blog, Gabe Bailey (Marketing Director, Combat Rifles, FNH USA) admitted on M4Carbine.net that US SOCOM does not plan to buy the MK16 combat rifle:

You are correct and I am not hiding any facts. And, as the main customer has stated, they do not plan to buy the MK 16…in my humble opinion, this has nothing to do with performance but rather smartly-weighed budget decisions.

Performance fact: As I previously noted, the MK 16 (and MK17, MK 13) met all requirements. Those requirements ARE well above and beyond the weapon(s) it is intended to replace. Neither the MK 16 weapon nor the program were ever cancelled as we all have come to realize through factual evidence (MS C & FRP).

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As reported previously on Military.Com, the MK17 could well serve as a common receiver platform for both 5.56 and 7.62. Doing so would eliminate any issues with parts commonality between platforms which makes a lot of sense, although there already was a pretty high degree of commonality of parts between the MK16 and MK17.

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