The Vltor Fortis Bren 10 Pistol – more delays

8 Sep

When Vltor announced in 2008 they would be producing a pistol (based on the Bren 10), members of the Bren 10 cult were excited. Now that two years have passed with no shipments of the pistol in sight, fans are still hopeful although perhaps growing skeptical.

Defense Review Photo

At the 2009 SHOT Show, Vltor displayed 4 pre-production prototypes:  (1) Standard Model, (2) Vice Model, (3) Special Forces Dark and, (4) Special Forces Light. Then in April 2009 claimed that the demand for their existing product lines had skyrocketed, causing delays with the Fortis pistol. I’m sure that was true, but it was also a disappointing chain of events for fans of the pistol.

Vltor brought functioning prototypes to the 2010 SHOT Show, claiming that the pistol was in production and that the first years worth of production had already been sold. Now more recently Vltor has announced another delay and mentioned they have in fact not taken orders for any of their production. This time a new estimated shipping date has not been given.

Sporting Products, LLC out of West Palm Beach, FL will be the sole distributor for the pistol. If you sign up through their web site, they will keep you updated on their availability (although the  site still claims the Fortis will be available in late May 2010).

Bren Ten

You can follow the development and availability of the Vltor Fortis on their blog. It’s not updated very frequently, but it does a nice job of chronicling their delays over the past two years 🙂  But more seriously, I’m still excited about the project and look forward to the day when I can handle a production copy of the new Bren 10.  Whether it takes 6 months or 6 years it is still an event to look forward to.


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