Ruger Mini Thirty Tactical in 7.62 x 39

15 Sep

Ruger has announced they will be offering their Mini Thirty in the popular and affordable 7.62 x 39. If you’re looking for a rifle in this caliber but are looking for an alternative to the AK, I can’t think of a better package than the Mini Thirty.

Impact Guns has the Mini Thirty Tactical listed for $684 which is in line with their other Mini Thirty rifles. The full Ruger press release on the Mini Thirty Tactical is below:


Ruger Introduces Mini Thirty Tactical Rifle
September 08, 2010
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), announces a new model of the simple, rugged and reliable Mini Thirty® Rifle, the Mini Thirty Tactical Rifle. Like all Ruger® Mini Thirty rifles, which have been extremely popular since first introduced in 1991, the Mini Thirty Tactical allows shooters to fire the 7.62 X 39 round in an affordable, quality, American-made auto-loading rifle.

The Mini Thirty Tactical has a blued 16-1/8″ barrel with flash suppressor and comes with a black synthetic stock. The rifle weighs approximately 6.75 pounds, has an overall length of 37.5 inches, and is shipped with one 20-round magazine.

The sighting system on the Mini Thirty Tactical includes an adjustable “ghost ring” aperture rear sight and a protected, non-glare post front sight. Patented Ruger scope bases are machined directly into the receiver and can never shoot loose. A set of Ruger scope rings is included at no charge with each rifle. Side ejection of cartridge cases easily clears the lowest-mounted optics, and a patented recoil buffer helps protect optics from damage from repeated firing.


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