Stevens 350 Pump Shotgun

16 Sep

At the 2010 SHOT Show, Savage introduced a new pump shotgun under the Stevens brand called the model 350. It’s essentially a Chinese made copy of the Ithaca 37 complete with steel receiver and bottom eject. It’s available in both a field and security version. The security version is then available with a bead front sight or a ghost ring rear and post front sight arrangement. You can also get a field/security combo complete with two interchangeable barrels.

The 350 is gaining attention these days through some of the big box stores which are advertising the security version for $219. This price range has previously only been occupied by the H&R Pardner Pump (an 870 clone, also from China).

Stevens 350 Field

Stevens 350 Security with ghost ring rear and post front sight.

I’ve been looking for user reviews on the 350 without any luck. However I did have an opportunity to handle the base model Security version and it’s fit and finish seemed ok. Perhaps more importantly, the pump worked rather smoothly without excess rattle. The drop in the stock is rather dramatic, and while it shouldered well for me, I can’t help but think shooting full house 3″ self defense loads would be brutal.


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