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Stevens 350 Pump Shotgun

16 Sep

At the 2010 SHOT Show, Savage introduced a new pump shotgun under the Stevens brand called the model 350. It’s essentially a Chinese made copy of the Ithaca 37 complete with steel receiver and bottom eject. It’s available in both a field and security version. The security version is then available with a bead front sight or a ghost ring rear and post front sight arrangement. You can also get a field/security combo complete with two interchangeable barrels.

The 350 is gaining attention these days through some of the big box stores which are advertising the security version for $219. This price range has previously only been occupied by the H&R Pardner Pump (an 870 clone, also from China).

Stevens 350 Field

Stevens 350 Security with ghost ring rear and post front sight.

I’ve been looking for user reviews on the 350 without any luck. However I did have an opportunity to handle the base model Security version and it’s fit and finish seemed ok. Perhaps more importantly, the pump worked rather smoothly without excess rattle. The drop in the stock is rather dramatic, and while it shouldered well for me, I can’t help but think shooting full house 3″ self defense loads would be brutal.


Ipad vs. Shotgun

3 Sep

Interesting video of an Ipad taking a shotgun blast at short range.

Hat tip to Say Uncle blog.

Russian Saiga 12 Gauge Shotgun Video Review

9 Aug

Dave Morelli over at Tactical Gear magazine just released a nice video review of the Russian-made Izhmash Saiga semi-automatic shotgun. In the video he discusses how to modify the shotgun to accept aftermarket mags and optics, plus ATF rules to consider when upgrading the Saiga. It’s a well done piece.

The Saiga is certainly interesting compared to all the more conventional semi-auto shotguns on the market.

Remington Versa Max Sneak Peek

26 Jul

Remington offers this sneak peek of their new VersaMax shotgun during a 250,000 round torture test.

I can’t see many details about the gun from the video clip, but they sure have a pile of spent shells there!


7/27/2010 Update: Remington is continuing to build our anticipation of their new shotgun. Below is a banner ad from their web site indicating the gun will handle “any load, anywhere, every time.” The styling looks much like an 1100 / 11-87 which is a good thing in my opinion.


Update 7/29/2010:

Remington loaded another quick video clip today of the new VersaMax. This time giving a closer view of the gun firing three quick shots of 3 1/2″ loads.


Update 7/31/2010:

Remington added two more video clips of their new shotgun today and confirmed the name of the new gun as Versa Max (apparently two words).

Here is a quick view of the gun’s case with the Versa Max logo:

And here is a butt to muzzle close-up clip of the gun. Looks sharp:


Update 8/4/2010:

Remington released a new video on the Versa Max introducing a self-regulating gas system they are calling ‘Versaport’. The Versaport system self regulates the number of open gas ports in the chamber/barrel area based on the length of the shell. So you can load and shoot any combination of 2 3/4, 3 and 3 1/2 inch shotshells without needing to adjust the gas system.

Update 8/5/2010

The Shooters Log over at the Cheaper Than Dirt site has an in-depth sneak peek on the Versa Max with specs, models and MSRP’s.

One little tid-bit from their post: Remington engineers fired 250,000 rounds through the Versa Max in testing which would be an average of 425 every day for a year.

It has a hardened anodized aluminum receiver, a TriNyte coated barrel and gas system with nickel plated internal components providing corrosion resistance.

Stoeger Double Defense Shotgun

24 Jul

From the ‘love it or hate it’ department we have the Defense Double (DD) shotgun from Stoeger Industries. The DD is a short double barrel (20″ barrels) gun with a top rail for optics and a bottom rail for a light. It’s finished in matte black for a no nonsense look.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: do you love it or hate it?

From the ‘hate it’ side we have a number of good arguments ranging from “it’s just plain ugly” to “you’re limited to two shots before needing to reload”. Well, beauty is a subjective thing but the DD is certainly unconventional looking. (to fans of traditional doubles it must appear as an abomination!)

In a home defense situation, if two rounds don’t get the job done you’re faced with the task of reloading, maybe in the dark, under a great deal of stress. Not good.

From the ‘love it’ camp we have the idea of a double being able to fire two rounds with absolute reliability. No need to pump the action or rely on the mechanics of a semi auto, the DD will give you “two for sure”.

And what about the top and bottom rail? Why not! Rails have proven effective and reliable on defensive carbines and defensive pump and semi auto shotguns, so why not on a defensive double? It looks absolutely unconventional (maybe even a bit mall ninja) but it’s hard to argue with the ability to place optics, lasers and lights on a home defense weapon.

Personally I give Stoeger a thumbs up for bringing the DD to market. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to credit a company that is willing to try new designs. In this realm I can’t help but think of the Taurus Judge. Introduced a few years ago it was certainly an unconventional looking revolver. But the Judge has been wildly popular for Taurus and recently several ammunition makers have introduced .410 loads specifically for the Judge line of revolvers.

Will the Stoeger DD become wildly popular? Maybe, maybe not but you gotta credit Stoeger for thinking outside of the box.

What is your opinion on the Stoeger Defense Double?

Remington VersaMax Testing in Argentina

16 Jul

Sheriff Jim Wilson posted an interesting note on Twitter (@sheriffjim) this evening about the new Remington VersaMax autoloader he is testing in Argentina:

“The shotgun that we are testing in Argentina is a new Remington autoloader, called the VersaMax. More info will be released shortly!!!”

There has been some specualtion about the design and specs of this shotgun on the web after being reported on last week by The Firearm Blog.

Tell us more Sheriff, my curiosity is building!

Edit: sheriff Jim Wilson posted another update on July 18 on his testing of the new Remington VersaMax in Argentina:

“FROM ARGENTINA: In four days, I have fired 2,000 shotshells thru the new Remington VersaMax. Quite a shotgun!!!!”


Edit: Another ‘Tweet’ from Sheriff Jim on July 18:

“The specs on the Remington VersaMax will be released by Remington about the middle of August. As soon as I get the OK, I’ll pass it on.”

Edit: another tease about the Remington VersaMax shotgun tweeted today, July 21, by Sheriff Jim:

“BACK IN TEXAS: Yep, I’m back in the US of A. I think you’re really going to like the new Remington shotgun!!!”


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Winchester SXP Defender Pump

9 Jul

After being announced in 2008 and cataloged in 2009 it appears that the Winchester SXP (or Super X Pump) Defender is finally becoming available to the gun buying public  in mid 2010. I have no idea what has been holding up the availability of the SXP, but I’m a Winchester fan so any new offering from them, whether it’s made in the USA or not, is eagerly anticipated. Adding to my anticipation are the TV commercials with Patrick Flanigan doing amazing feats with an SXP:

Field & Stream’s Phil Bourjaily made these comments about the SXP field model in the Spring of 2009. (I’ve still not seen any evidence that the field model is available yet):

Winchester SXP

Winchester’s 1300 was an underrated pump gun: light, cheap, and very fast-cycling, with a rotary bolt similar to the Benelli Nova. The 1300 is back, now called the “SXP.” It’s now made in Turkey but it’s the same design although now it comes only in matte black. Currently, 26-inches is the shortest barrel you can order, but for an MSRP of $359, you can lug a few extra inches of barrel around. Winchesterguns.com

Since the F&S article was written, the MSRP on the field model has risen to $399 and the defender to $349.  Still in the budget shotgun category but no longer in NEF Pardner Pump or Stoeger P-350 territory. As I’m typing this there are several SXP Defender models on GunBroker with a ‘buy it now’ price around $280. Add shipping and FFL fee’s and you’ll be a few bucks under MSRP.

Some will lament the fact that the SXP is made in Turkey instead of the good old USA. I certainly understand the sentiment, but I also understand the reality of our global economy. For what it’s worth, I am favorably impressed with the current offerings coming out of Turkey…. the fit and finish on a Turkish made Charles Daly shotgun that I have is outstanding. For those that strongly favor products made in the US there is still the Remington 870 Express and Mossberg 500 in the same general price range as the SXP.

The SXP certainly has some features that I really like including: black chrome finish, back-bored barrel, easily removable trigger group, Invector chokes (on the field model, the defender model has a fixed open choke) and eye catching lines.

Until I’m able to get my hands on an SXP at one of my gun shops, I’ll be watching the various gun forums for initial user impressions and reviews.