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Zero Tolerance / Rick Hinderer ZT 0550

15 Sep

Thomas W. of Kershaw and ZT knives recently shared pictures of the new ZT 0550 knife on BladeForum. This is the ELMAX steel version of the 0550 (with a pre-production or unfinished blade). The same thread indicates production will not begin until December 2010 with availability in early 2011.

For more on this new design,  my previous post on the Zero Tolerance / Rick Hinderer ZT 0550 collaboration.


Hinderer – Zero Tolerance 0550 Frame Lock Folder

18 Jul

A knife that is creating quite a buzz since being unveiled at the 2010 Blade Show is a collaboration between custom knife maker Rick Hinderer and Zero Tolerance. It will join the ZT line up at the model 0550.

The inspiration for the knife comes from Hinderer’s ‘Camp Knife’. Specifics on the 0550 are a bit sketchy at this point but here is what’s known or floating around:

Blade Steel: VANAX35 & ELMAX
Blade Length: 3.25″ (based on comparison photos)
Lock: titanium frame lock
It will not be an assisted opener.

There are 35 pages of discussion on the ZT 0550 over at Blade Forum, which is a good indication of the level of excitement about the model among knife enthusiasts.

Rick Hinderer posted this in the 35 page thread to address any criticisms “Come on guys…wait until they come out and you put one in your hand before making all kinds of judgements and claims….Believe me when I tell you that I would NOT have anything less when it has MY name on it…And the guys at ZT KNOW how to make a knife and are right there with me with this knife! Guys, sometimes Ive been chuckling when I read some of the posts about “wonder if its gonna be this or I wonder about that” haha because man when you get this knife in your hand you are going to be thrilled!!
One claim and judgement you can count on is that this is one hell of a tough working knife that feels absolutly great in the hand!! Rick Hinderer”

You can’t say more or say it any better than that!

The 0550 is expected to be available from retailers within the next few months and will be priced around $250. Not bad for an upper level production knife with top shelf materials.

Pictured below is the prototype that was displayed at the Blade Show, belonging to Rick Hinderer himself! It sure is a great looking knife!